Will Pundmann



Establish Missouri New Industry Creation Fund to create new industries and jobs in Missouri in support of the Economic Prosperity Initiative's goal to produce measurable economic results for the people of Missouri.   This Fund can be funded utilizing incremental cost savings resulting from revenues derived from the investment techniques and strategies I plan to put in place to control both revenues and expenses, as well as assistance from the private sector represented by the industrial and business community who would, in addition to Missouri workers, receive substantial benefits from the program.


Restore the financial integrity of the MO$T (Missouri Savings for Tuition) education funds entrusted to the Treasurerís care and, at the same time, use this office to minimize college tuition increases at our public universities.  Another crucial initiative is to restore the financial integrity of the MO$T (Missouri Savings for Tuition) education funds entrusted to the Treasurerís care.   The fund has lost millions of dollars over the past few years and is currently under funded for its intended purpose.  I believe the past and present investment strategies are flawed and have not been motivated by sound financial management decisions and are in need of being significantly remedied.  The strategies that I propose will not only restore asset values but assure growth to the MO$T educational funds which will in turn restore confidence to those investing for their childrenís future education.  In conjunction with Missouriís educational needs and the restoration of the MO$T Fund, I plan to use the office to the degree possible to minimize college tuition increases at our public universities.  Being a financial supporter of my college alma mater, the University of Missouri-Columbia, I fully realize this need and believe proper management of the states resources can mitigate the runaway tuition increases.


Improve the investment performance of all moneys entrusted to the Treasurer's office and bring down the cost of Missouri government by reducing waste and redundancy.  Over the last few years, we, as taxpayers, became concerned for the way Missouri taxpayers' money was being spent to run the state government as it showed a sharp increase of 65.5% in just 20 years.  The cost for operating the state government jumped to $571 per capita in 2002 from $345 per capita in 1982, adjusted for inflation.  A ratio of 61 Missouri residents to 1 Missouri state worker as compared to Illinois of 85 to 1 in 2002 showed we needed 39% more state employees per capita than Illinois.  On the day I take office I will organize, restructure, and manage the state treasury to operate using the same financial management practices that have proven successful in the private sector.   It is my view that the current incumbent has not, nor have prior holders of this office, properly established a sound strategic plan or establish priorities that maximize utilization of state resources.  I plan to introduce strategic planning and staff accountability to assure that priorities of the office are clearly identified producing efficiencies the citizens of Missouri expect from their leaders in terms of both asset management and expense control.  I am also committed to the improvement in the investment performance of all moneys entrusted to the Treasurerís office.  This goal includes the equitable allocation to those funds moving to support the designated programs of each county in Missouri.




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